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Questions About Donations

Adeeba Charitable Foundation is evaluated as the most trusted online donation platform that transforms the lives of the poor and needy for their educational, healthcare, marriage-related support. We have the most convenient setup for raising funds with a provision of timely reports on the money spent on the welfare campaigns.

Donation is a gift of a smile, a gift of charity that one can give to the poor and the needy at the time of their need. We encourage every individual to contribute a small pay from their earnings to lend their helping hand for the cause they wish to choose.

As we know there are several social causes that seek our attention, Adeeba Charitable Foundation focusses on empowering the children, youth, women and their families with primary education, healthcare and marriage support. We lay our prime focus on these 3 social issues that need immediate attention to foster sustainable change in our society.

If you do not wish to tell us your name, you may donate money anonymously. However, we advise you to reveal your identity so that we could congratulate and appreciate your contribution. This can also help us keeping clarity and sending updated reports on the money used for the social cause which you prefer.

If your donation is denied, we haven't received your payment. We'll notify you if your donation has been rejected once you've submitted your personal details and completed the verification process by Visa. We'll also send you a retry email on your registered email address. This case might happen due to any of the following situations:

Inaccurate card details

Check your card details carefully – Ensure that you've entered your 16-digit card number and expiry date correctly.

Remove any pre-existing cards in your account

If you have saved any card with wrongly stored card details, login to your account, click on your profile and edit your card details. Click on 'Remove' and 'Finish' alongside the card that you're using to donate to us. Once done, re-visit our website, click on 'Donate Now', fill in your details correctly and then submit the donation form.

Get in touch with your card provider

If your donation is rejected the second time even after attempting the above tactics, it's always better to contact your card provider. They can help you identify the reason as to why your donation is being rejected.

Yes, of course. We appreciate your kind gesture towards the underprivileged and the needy. You may choose among our 3 prime concerns – Education, Medical Support and Marriage Support and donate as you prefer.

Personal Questions

We have a huge team working for the abused and the helpless ones for years and we are reaching out to different slums and villages. If you want to be a part of this, you can contact us at: +91 98310 76760.

We are just a call away from you. Contact us at +91 98310 76760 or email us at support@adeebacharity.com

Each drop makes an ocean. Just the way the rate of poverty is growing, we are also looking forward to growing our charitable foundation. A bit of help from each of you would be counted and will be reciprocated with the blessings and smiles of the poor ones.

General Questions

Adeeba Charitable Foundation is not an NGO. We are on a mission to lend out our helping hands to those underprivileged community staying below the poverty lines. In order to extend our reach to as families as possible, we have raised capital from social investors to fund our necessities for the sake of achieving our goal.

NO. Adeeba Charitable Foundation is an open platform that offers a way to increase the social impact of your charitable money. Your contribution is lent out as a loan, instead of a donation, to a low-income borrower mostly in rural parts of India. We support social projects and offer monetary help to borrowers who are underprivileged, lending to whom is considered risky. Hence we neither promise to return the principal amount nor promise any interest return for your contribution. This way, we can lend to more borrowers and increase the impact of your charitable money.

The term "non-governmental organization" was first coined in the Charter of the United Nations in 1945. The charitable non-profit organizations that operate outside the US are termed as "NGO". An NGO can be any kind of organization, provided that it is independent of the influence of government and is not operated for personal profit. In contrary, the term “nonprofit” is the term used in the US to refer to organizations that are being organized as nonprofit corporations, whether or not they are also designated as tax-exempt by the IRS.

For additional queries, contact us at our 24/7 donor support number for more information. Whether you are donating it for the first time or you're well aware of the proceedings of the online donations, we are always at your service! We are backed by a dedicated and proficient donor support team readily available to purge all your queries. You can directly speak to our Crowdfunding specialists at +91 98310 76760 or send us an email at support@adeebacharity.com for help.

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