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Adeeba Charitable Foundation is committed to bringing a sustainable change in the society by proactively involving itself into the upliftment of the deprived and struggling communities of the West Bengal. In order to foster our goals and works, we collect donations and build long-term relationships with like-minded organizations and reach out to the poorest of the poor at the time of their needs. Adeeba Charitable Foundation is a platform for all underprivileged children, women and youth where they can change their life for the better with the help of relevant education, healthcare and marriage support.

Our Key Areas of Action

Our Key Areas of Action

Child Education

While the goal of right to primary education for all is a long way from being achieved, Adeeba Charitable Foundation aims to organize and develop struggling and deprived children with the right education. Our efforts include raising funds through online donations so as to help the underprivileged children gain access to schools and get necessary educational facilities that help his/her overall development. As it is said, "Education is the movement from darkness to light", let us come together to lead the children from the darkness of illiteracy to the light of education and success. Donate now to help the children make their dream come true and have a future filled with great opportunities.

Medical Support

"A healthy nation is a wealthy nation." Healthcare is an important aspect of the social upliftment because many people may fall ill, get injured in accidents or there might be emergency cases when the patient needs to be admitted immediately. In such critical cases, the unaffordability to bear the expenses of the medications and treatments is a cause of great frustration for the underprivileged. To help them cope up with their grievances and sufferings, Adeeba Charitable Foundation provides the necessary aid to the underprivileged by curbing their expenses involved in the medications and critical medical surgeries. Donate now to support our grieving communities and help them live a healthy and fruitful life.

Medical Support
Marriage Support

Marriage Support

Due to the crushing poverty, many poor families are struggling to have their young children get married. Moreover, the ruthless societal pressures even compel some families to make suicidal attempts. Adeeba Charitable Foundation makes an effort to provide marriage support to the underprivileged couples and their families in these difficult situations by providing them with necessary marriage support and helping them to lead a happy life. Donate now to support the marriages of the orphans, poor and the disabled couples and wish them a happy married life. In addition, we also actively participate in any social cause that we come across and are always willing to go the extra mile to uplift the lives of the poor and the vulnerable communities of the society.

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Ecosuite Business Tower Suite# 301 3rd Floor Plot No-II, D/22, AAII, Newtown, Kolkata, West Bengal 700136

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