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Changing the Lives of Poor Women with Charity Trust in Kolkata

October 18, 2022

In the present day, the rate of women-centric issues has grown adversely and this had led to the concern among the common man to derive the key that can eradicate the growth of the same. Over time, it is true that though the city of joy had been developing in its infrastructure, at the same time there are many prevailing issues related to unresolved women. Much with the onset of the pandemic, it is true that there have been more women-centric issues like women suffering from financial means and are also not able to settle down peacefully. This had caused millions of the women to suffer, while at the same time they do seek the best help from us.

Due to the ongoing issues that is persistent in the city, the marriage support NGO had been taking the pledge to eradicate all the prevailing issues and take the necessary measures which can make their lives more pleasing. It is only with your help that we can be able to nurture the growth of the women and also make their lives more beautiful. All you now need is the heart to donate and also put a smile on the ones that has lost the reason to even take care of them and also live their life in their own terms. 

Reach out to the best charity foundation in Kolkata and also donate to create a change in the lives of the marginalized women that seeks your help, today! Read the entire blog to know more of the ways in which you can be able to make a change with your help.

Why are the persistent issues related to women?

Owing to the larger population that is present in the city of joy, it is true that Kolkata has been mostly under the poverty line as millions of women do not even have the proper means to take care of themselves and fetch the daily essentials to themselves. 

It is also true that after the harsh effects of the pandemic, things had gotten much worse. With the drastic fall of the economical stature, indeed, women, surviving in the slums do not even possess the proper means to nurture themselves, which seems to be a massive concern of the present day. Almost 80% of the women living in the slums are deprived and have no means to even take care of themselves in the least way possible.

How can the charity NGO in Kolkata help?

When it comes to women, the charitable trust for marriage does everything that can be of great help. With your donation, we can indeed be able to do much more that is sure to save the lives of millions across the city and also help them to lead a better and peaceful life. With your simple act of donation, we can indeed be able to- 

  • Provide the required accessories: The main issue in the present day is that millions of the women do not even have the proper means to take care of themselves and fail to lead a happy and blessed life. This is due to the fact that they do not even possess the adequate accessories that can enable them to get married most effectively. Meanwhile, to make lives simple for them, the NGO for marriage support can be of great help in rendering the best care to the ones that are seeking your help.

  • Give the women mental support: This is also a true fact that much of the population of the world is mainly suffering from the mental agony and most of them are unable to do the needful. With our expect team the best charity foundation of Kolkata has been developing some of the main strategies that can lead the deprived women of the society to live a happy and blessed life where there shall be no more worries and also no issues. We, obviously with your support shall be able to monitor the mental development in these women that has no means of support. Rather on the other side, we shall be able to provide them with all the types of the support that they do need at this time when there is no one to provide them with any of the aids that they do need desperately.

  • Create marital harmony between families: Being the best NGO for Kolkata, we do believe that it is our utmost duty to be able to cater to the needs of the young and the poor women of the society, hence we do believe that in order to allow the integration of families we shall be fetching the complete aid to the ones for the successful marital harmony of the families. Our main motto is to provide the best future for the ones that are deprived and also have no means to even do anything for themselves. With your simple act of donation, we can be able to create the marital harmony between the deprived families that are suffering under the verge of despair and have no interest to even surviving. So why wait for the right time? Come ahead to create a change today and do the needful that can allow them to witness a better tomorrow.


Since we have come to the end of the blog, we do expect that you have given this blog a full read and also do possess the urge to make the city of joy more beautiful and lively with the complete eradication of poverty that has been dominating the city for ages. Reach out to the marriage support for underprivileged today to develop a better future for them! Join hands with us today and let us take a pledge to remove the root cause of poverty from their lives forever!