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Providing Education to End Child Labor Among the Slums!

September 23, 2022

“One child, one teacher, one book, and one pen can change the world. Education is the only solution.”  -Malala Yousefzai

We all know education is the fundamental right of every citizen living in India. Then, why do we see child labor, especially in a certain segment that is the slums? It is important to cater to this thing and end child labor right away through the aid of the best NGO in Kolkata. Providing education to the needy children living in the slums is what we must do now. Child labor is something that needs to be stopped right away. It is taking away the bright future of the children in front of their eyes. Nothing can be more painful than this.

However, indeed, the underprivileged parents are unable to educate their children due to less finances and are putting them to hard labor at a very little age. Thus, their childhood is being snatched away only because we are not lending a helping hand to the top charitable trust in Kolkata. 

Child Labor in India: A Major Concern

There is no doubt that India is the world’s second most populated country with 1.3 billion citizens and is also the seventh largest country in the world based on size. Along with this, comes the issue among underprivileged ones who struggle to make their both ends meet. The main point of focus goes to Indian children who must continue working to supply for their families and fill their appetites. 

With the help of charity trust in Kolkata, we must reach out to this sector and provide poor children with quality education. Such children are dying to visit schools just like any other child. Through our donation, we can help them become independent and responsible individuals who can make this nation a better place to live in. 

Important Facts You Must Know About Child Labor 

The following facts will alarm your senses that child labor needs to be stopped right now. So, without any further delay, do read the pointers below:

  • Poverty is the Main Cause: Needy parents heavily depend on their children for income and this thing occurs due to intense poverty. In most cases, the child’s income amounts to 20% to 40% of the total household income.

  • Lack of Proper Education: A girl child is mostly put to domestic jobs like cleaning, cooking, and general housecleaning. The age group among the needy children doing domestic jobs is between 6 to 14 years.

  • Child Labor Affects 5 to 14 years Aged Children: Almost 60% of working children belong to the age group of 5 to 14 years. They are mostly from five of India’s states. Moreover, around 20.8% children work in hazardous industries like mining and construction.

  • Production Work is Harmful: Many needy children in India are taking part in bangle making, stainless steel production, and many other things. Due to this, most children face serious health issues. Through the top education NGO in Kolkata, we must save this segment of children.

  • It is Harmful to India’s Economy: Our country’s economy will only be benefitted from educated workers rather than children who are put to hard labor forcefully. Moreover, childhood education investment gives back enormous returns in terms of both productivity and increased wages when the child grows old and gets a good job.

Taking the Pledge to Donate to the Education Charity Trust

All we can do now is donate to the best education NGO in Kolkata without any further delay. It is we can who can change this nation and put an end to child labor. Let us gift education to the poor children and bring smiles to their faces right away. 

What Should Be Your Action?

Your action must include the following things:

  • Register with childrens education charity

  • Strive to make a contribution and bring a change

  • Choose to become a volunteer for a noble cause

  • Stay updated daily for important updates


It is never too late to come forward and make a donation. So, get indulged in an act of kindness now and put a full stop to child labor among the slums today. 

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