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Make a Promise to Donate To the Charity Foundation of Kolkata

August 17, 2022

Donation is very vital in the present day that is predominant with the adverse effects of the pandemic. With the unprecedented rise of the children not being able to fulfill their dreams of completing their academic life, the best charity NGO of Kolkata has come forward to eradicate all the issues of poverty and also develop the state of the city and make the dreams of the children true for their own future. This blog shares the reason of you to come forward and also donate and make the future better for the deprived souls, which has no means of completing their academic life or even catering to their own needs of health. 

With our help they can be able to complete their dreams and also possess a better future for their own selves. Donation to the best charity foundation of Kolkata has been vital in the present day as there are millions of the reasons that have led to the rise of the cause of the death of many for being deprived of health and care. Adeeba Charitable Foundation has been rendering the help that is needed in the present day in order to develop a better tomorrow. 

If you wish to donate now and make a change please do read the blog till the very end to know more of the statistics of the rate of poverty that has increased in the current day and how it could be encompassed with your help. 

What is the rate of poverty in Kolkata?

Unlike any other state, it is true that the rate of poverty is immensely high in the city of joy and it has been affecting the growth of the children of the future as they are being deprived of their own needs. Also it is to be mentioned that the rate of the malnutrition seems to be increasing with the passage of time and it had also affected the growth of the children, who seems to be deprived of all the basic needs. 

Has the pandemic affected the net rate of the poverty?

Moreover, with the initiation of the pandemic, it is also true that the net rate of the poverty has been growing incessantly and this had led to the growth of the concern among the common man as it could also prove to be precarious for the future. Hence it has been the need of the hour of the top charitable trust of Kolkata to bring out the definite changes and also allow the deprived children and old people to lead a normal life that is filled with contentment and happiness. 

To be more precise, the net rate of the poverty has been increasing day by day and the present state has turned out to be much worse that could have been expected. Almost 19.98 percent of the people are leading their life below the poverty percentage and this has been the major concern for the common man, as per the NITI Aayog's Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI).

How can the best NGO in Kolkata help the deprived ones?

Wishing to donate? Make sure to read till the very end to know more of the ways in which the best NGO in Kolkata can eradicate the means of poverty with your help. Here is the list of the ways in which the best charitable trust of Kolkata can prove to be helpful and also remove the line of poverty from Kolkata, in the most successful way:

  1. Provide the means of educational help- Majority of the children are unable to get their educational means as they do not have the proper amount of resources and the definite type of the charity that can be of any good and also remove the essence of poverty from the city of joy forever. With the help of your donation, it is sure that the charitable trust for education shall be able to provide the complete aid of educational facilities to make them shape up their future in the most effective way.

  2. Cater to the marital harmony for the marginalized women- Majority of the women are unable to get settle due to the lack of the financial means and this had urged the NGO for marriage support to take the definite type of the initiative and cater to the needs of the women who are being deprived and also marginalized in the present day and this had caused them to stay aloof and also not be a part of the normal circle where other women do belong. So, it’s time to donate to create a happy world for the ones who deserves it.

  3. Foster medicinal help to the deprived ones- Almost each of the family belonging to the slums are suffering from some of the major issues and this had led to the growth of the concern to preside and also do something for them that can give them a chance to lead a happy and blissful life. Hence with the help of your donation, the best charity for medical treatment can be able to foster the essence of educational means and also enable someone to remain healthy forever.


Since we have come to the end of the blog, it is true that you do need to come forward and also donate to the best charity foundation of Kolkata and help us all create a bigger change for a better tomorrow. 

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