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February 11, 2022

In the present day, it’s true that there is the mandate need to lend our core support to the ones that needs the most. With the onset of the pandemic, it is also true that there has been the dominance of the various types of the issues that has also increased the cases of the poverty stricken people. There has been the massive rise of the disputes among the underprivileged people of the city of joy and this had been leading to the growth of various types of the issues that needs to be resolved by the best charity foundation in Kolkata.

As there has been the significant loss in the society, there is the mandate need to cater to the growth of the young and the old, the deprived ones of the society to bring in the change that we all deserve to witness for the generations to come. Volunteering to the charity foundation has always been the duty of the citizens of the country simply to contribute for a better world and also develop the lives of the deprived souls of our state. With the rate of the increasing population, it is also true that there has been the massive rise of the poverty issues, which seriously needs to be looked upon to develop the conditions of the current day.

What is The Current State of The Poverty Percentage in Kolkata, 2022?

According to the sources that have been evident, it is true that there has been the spike in the death toll due to the rise of the poverty issues that has been dominating the current day. As per the sources, it is also true that there has been the increasing growth of the rates of death only due to the fact that there is the lack of the resources that can bring in the good change that we do all wish to witness. With the series of lockdown phases that has been dominating the state, it’s true that there is more of the inconvenience that has recently been overpowering the state and this had also led to the need to donate for the good cause to bring forward the big change that has been anticipated for a longer period of time. Almost by the end of December 2021, almost 87% people are suffering from starvation due to the lack of means of income and also the proper means of possessing a sustainable life. It has been the prerogative of the best NGO in India to cater to the needs and develop the strategy that can bring in the growth of the social welfare in the days to come.

What Are The Ways to Bring in The Social Change to The Society?

One of the best ways of bringing in the change is by developing the urge within the individual to lend the helping hand to the ones that are seeking ways to get aid in the recent times. At the same time it has also been the need of the hour to practice the random act of kindness in every way possible. It is due to this reason that the best charity NGO in Kolkata has been developing the ways to increase the ways of engaging into a sustainable life. To bring in the social change, it is the duty of each of the citizens of the state to possess the urge and also contribute whole heartedly, simply to create a better place for all.

How Can The Charitable Trust in Kolkata Bring The Required Changes?

With the key association of the key resources, it is also true that there the best charity foundation in Kolkata is aiming to eradicate the line of poverty with the key agenda which are as follows:

  • Protection of The Women Issues : Women’s Aid is looked after keenly by the team of Adeeba Charitable Foundation that is indeed the best charity NGO in India. Here, we do cater to the needs and demands of the marginalized women of the present time, by empowering them and also increasing sustainable means to deal with the hardships of their life.

  • Ensuring The Educational Rights of The Child : It is true that there is also the definite need to promote the educational rights to the child to enable them to fulfill all their dreams and also provide ourselves with a better tomorrow.

  • Providing Direct Access of Good Healthcare Facilities : Our team has always been enthusiastic to provide direct access to the old and the young, by identifying the root causes of the varied type of the challenges that is still persisting in the society. This includes improvement of the maternal and the reproductive health, child rights and nutrition and also the identification of the varied communicable diseases.

  • Streaming Ways To Provide Marital Harmony Between Two Families : Our team does raise funds to provide the easy access to those families to be reunited in harmony and peace. We aim to provide the top security to the needy women of the society of Kolkata to be engaged more actively with their loved ones. With your donation, we aim to generate the easy ways to unite both the families and also bring two hearts closer for a lifetime and more.


If you are one of those, wishing to bring in the change, then this is the right time for you. All you now need is the required platform that can create a positive impact in the lives of everyone. Spread kindness to the world that seeks your help in the best way possible. Reach out to the charitable trust in Kolkata, now.

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